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"Unbelievably Fresh...Unbelievable Taste"

"Good coffee is like friendship...rich and warm and strong"

        At Just Beans Coffee Company,  friendship and coffee really do go together and both are very important to us!  What began as a hobby soon turned into a desire to share our premium high quality,  fresh roasted coffee with family and friends.  Out of that desire, Just Beans Coffee Company was born!                                                        
      We pride ourselves on providing a quality, individualized product.
Our raw coffee beans represent the worlds best.  In fact we purchase the highest grade specialty green coffee available.  
We donít roast coffee and then wait for the orders; we roast each and every pound specifically for each order!  Itís not the most efficient method, but it guarantees you, the coffee lover, the freshest best tasting coffee available.
      In the quest for the perfect cup of coffee...
 you are our fellow travelers!  

      Bob and Kay

Is Your Coffee Tasting Not As Good As It Should?

Then You're Not Drinking  
Just Beans Fresh Roasted Coffee!

Phone: (309) 219-BEAN (2326)

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